Four Takeaways from Super Bowl L

The Broncos and the Panthers played a historic Super Bowl, not only because of the milestone number, but also because of the many small things that occurred during and after the game. It may very well have been Peyton Manning’s sendoff. The game itself surprised many because the real question beforehand was if Denver’s vaunted [...]

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YOU LIED! Lessons in Business Fraud Prevention

In hindsight, I should have asked more questions. One of the most well known of Master Sun’s instructions is that “all warfare is based on deception.” The business community adopted many of Sun Tzu’s teachings in the last twenty years. Thus, in some manner, thousands of people engage in deceptive interactions with their fellows in [...]

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Tom Brady, #Deflategate, and Lessons in Evidence

Recently, the sports world was abuzz with the findings of the Wells Report that Tom Brady was more likely than not to have had knowledge of the fact that official game balls were deflated to a point under the NFL’s minimum pressure. Brady emphatically denied knowing or participating in any type of cheating. Based on [...]

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Tips for Developing Business Emergency Plans

Friday nights are typically spent winding down the week by trying to organize the chaos of corralling small children. A bit to my surprise, my wife remarked, “there are police cars in front of the house, what’s going on?” True enough, when I looked out the window there were actually 4 police cars in the [...]

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Maneuver Litigation: A Marines’ Approach to Dispute Resolution

From the courtroom to the boardroom, our goal at Yolofsky Law is to help clients achieve their goals quickly and efficiently. Trust, technology, and communication are the key fundamentals that enable our firm to successfully [1] maneuver clients through legal disputes. Starting with the end in mind. Before a strategy for dispute resolution can be [...]

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