Tragedy in Paris, Part II: Taking Legal Action

Letters of Marque & Reprisal Over the past ten days, the response to the Paris massacre has been swift and deadly. AA, Daesh’s team leader, was killed in a shootout with police. The day after the attacks in Paris, French President Hollande authorized a series of airstrikes against Daesh positions in Syria. Russian President Putin [...]

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Tragedy in Paris: Lessons & Courses of Action

Primer on National Power             Bataclan Theater, Stade France, Le Petit Cambodge, Avenue de la République, Charonne, and Beaumarchais – these are the six locations that Islamic terrorists, under the banner of ISIL (or “Daesh”)[1] brutally murdered more than 100 people and injured hundreds more. The after effects of this attack will continue to reverberate [...]

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