Creating a Legacy for the Four-Legged Children

Your pet is considered a member of your family. More often than not, they’re more like your children than a furry four-legged friend. Your companion goes wherever you go and gets spoiled just like everyone else.

So why would you plan for your loved ones and exclude your furry loved ones?

Often, when planning for their future and creating their estate plan, people will forget to include their furry family leaving their pets defenseless in the case of their owner’s incapacitation or death.

You may assume that your family or friends will gladly take care of Fido in the case of your incapacitation or death. But, what happens when they can no longer take care of your pet because Fido and their Boxer named Ben are incompatible and don’t get along?

Who will pay for the daily maintenance and care of your beloved companion? What about those surprise vet bills in the case of an emergency?

In our report, you will:

  • Find out how you can ensure that your furry companion is taken care of when you no longer can
  • Learn the basics of a Pet Trust and how it can protect your pets
  • Get answers to frequently asked questions about pet trusts

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