Starting and running a successful business are as much a part of the American dream as going to college and owning a home. If being your own boss, providing unique products or services, expanding internationally, and becoming a great American success story are aspects of your personal American dream, work with a legal partner who can help you make all of that happen. At Yolofsky Law, we believe in helping people achieve their dreams and we are proud to serve as a legal advisor and partner throughout your journey.

We Can Be There Every Step of the Way

Yolofsky Law is your full-service corporate attorney, from choosing the most beneficial corporate structure to successfully running and growing your business, we are the only law firm your business will ever need. Our corporate law services include the following:

  • Business formation. There are distinct advantages and disadvantages to each of the business entities available to you when you are starting a business. Sometimes, the success of a business is determined by the choice of entity made at the start. We will help you determine if you will be best served by a corporation, limited liability company, or a partnership to set you up for success.
  • International law. When a business adds an international element to their plans, new challenges arise. Our goal is to ensure that we are able to assist every step of the way. With our extensive international experience, we can help you anticipate problems, resolve disputes, and successfully manage an international business.
  • Corporate governance. The governance of a business differs with the type of entity you have chosen. This is one of the most important aspects of corporate governance, especially in a small business; yet many businesses do not completely address how decisions will be made. As your legal advisor, Yolofsky Law will ensure that your business is run in compliance with the laws applying to the type of entity you have formed.
  • Corporate compliance. Yolofsky Law practices corporate law with an awareness of, and utmost level of respect for, compliance issues. In the modern business environment, there are a slew of laws and regulations that govern a business. Your customers may want to confirm that your business complies with the appropriate local, state, federal, and sometimes international rules of doing business. You can count on our legal team to review the laws that regulate your business to ensure that all obligations are being met.
  • General counsel. Yolofsky Law provides clients who do not maintain in-house counsel with general counsel services to efficiently handle day-to-day legal issues. Such general counsel services may include matters related to employment, leasing, general contract, and commercial issues. We are happy to discuss with potential clients the needs they may have for general counsel services.
  • Other services. Do not hesitate to ask about any other corporate legal services you need. From intellectual property to security concerns, we can handle all of your legal needs.

We Are Not Like Other Law Firms

As a former Marine officer, attorney A.J. Yolofsky brings the discipline and attention to detail he embodied in the Marines to every one of his clients. He will apply the same strategic planning, commitment to success, and tenacious dedication to your business as he did to his military missions. Yolofsky Law is also unique in that we have eliminated the billable hour because we found it interferes with our ability to provide the best advice to our clients. By offering flat fees, membership pricing, and a la carte pricing for a client’s particular needs, we are able to build stronger relationships.

Hire a Legal Advisor, Not Just a Lawyer

With our wide range of corporate services and unique fee structure, Yolofsky Law aims to be a partner and advisor as you form, run, and grow your business. Any lawyer can draft and read contracts, but we are a firm you can trust to help you make the important decisions to realize your dreams. Set up a meeting in our Fort Lauderdale office to discuss your legal concerns and how we can help.