Arbitration, mediation, and litigation can be time-consuming ways of resolving many business disputes—raising concerns about impartiality, cost, and effectiveness. At Yolofsky Law, we believe there’s a better way. 

We offer business negotiation services to help you resolve issues and disputes quickly, efficiently, and effectively. Our proprietary process works for all types of business dealings, including:

  • Purchases and sales
  • Mergers, acquisitions, and buyouts
  • Executive employment agreements
  • Contested ownership of intellectual property
  • Disagreements between business partners
  • Contract disputes
  • Debt resolution

Our services offer a fair, quick, and effective way to resolve disputes so you can get back to doing what you do best—focusing on your company’s core mission. 

Disagreeing Without Being Disagreeable

We understand that your professional reputation is one of your greatest assets. Our negotiation process is not about brute force or aggression. We believe that well-timed questions and an effort to build a strong rapport are the best way to resolve business disputes. 

We won’t bury the other side in document requests or turn the process into a shouting contest. We’ll acknowledge the negative, then quickly diffuse it to continue to move the negotiation forward. This is a radically different approach than the simple “getting to yes” negotiation strategy used by others in our field.

Preparation Is Key

Yolofsky Law’s negotiation services seek to resolve your matter within 90 days. There is a 30-day preparation period, which is a crucial part of the process. Our work centers on developing an understanding of what the other side requires—both in terms of financial and non-financial stipulations. Knowing what the opposing party wants to get out of the arrangement helps us craft the strongest proposal. 

*** Please be aware that while we cannot guarantee success, we are committed to getting you the best possible result. 

Crafting a Winning Strategy

Attorney A.J. Yolofsky is a former Marine officer who applies the military’s strategic approach to problem solving to helping his clients negotiate favorable resolutions to their business disputes. His methods rely on a deep understanding of human psychology instead of the outdated view that a negotiation is just a numbers game.

To see the value of a clearly-crafted strategy, consider an example from one of A.J.’s previous clients. The client wanted to restructure his business but had enough debt that he was contemplating bankruptcy. He was sued by a creditor for a $100,000 debt that A.J. was able to negotiate down to less than 50% of the amount by refusing to turn the negotiation into a game of trading numbers back and forth. If you would like other examples, please contact our office.

Contact Yolofsky Law Today

While we can’t make any promises or guarantees, our process helps us resolve many complex business issues before they mushroom out of control. If you’re overwhelmed and unsure of what happens next, let us help. Contact our office to schedule an appointment to discuss your next steps with the team at Yolofsky Law.