Generational Wisdom in 32 Questions

Generational wisdom is probably one of my favorite topics and one of the most rewarding parts of my practice. I was lucky enough to know three of my great-grandparents. In fact, my grandmother’s father, Grandpa Jack, taught me how to throw a baseball. My grandfather’s mother, Grandma Ida, introduced me to the _____ of chicken [...]

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The Future of Finances: How to Teach Your Kids to Be Money Savvy

Part of being an enlightened parent is being thoughtful about how we teach our kids about adult life. Of course, you want to prepare them to make good choices as an adult, especially when it comes to finances. And, you may either feel not equipped, or you may be concerned about passing on your own [...]

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Leaving a Business Legacy

As a business leader, you have the ability to make an impact, inspire future generations and leave a legacy of your leadership. But too often, leaders in the business world fail to consider how to accomplish these lofty goals until it’s too late. Leaving a business legacy isn’t as simple as wisely planning your retirement. [...]

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How Microfinancing May Change the Borrowing Landscape for Your Business

In the past, small businesses relied on bank loans when in need of extra funds. Although new to the scene, microfinancing now offers additional flexible funding alternatives for small businesses. Originally used to fund entrepreneurs in underdeveloped countries who lacked the resources, credit history and stability to pursue traditional finance options, microloans are now helping [...]

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How to Make Your First Million by Age 40

Being in your 20s or 30s doesn’t mean financial success is decades away. In fact, earning big money is often even more possible when in your “growing up” years because most people are a lot more willing (and able) to take risks before they get bogged down with the “realities” of life. While the old [...]

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Four Takeaways from Super Bowl L

The Broncos and the Panthers played a historic Super Bowl, not only because of the milestone number, but also because of the many small things that occurred during and after the game. It may very well have been Peyton Manning’s sendoff. The game itself surprised many because the real question beforehand was if Denver’s vaunted [...]

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Tragedy in Paris, Part II: Taking Legal Action

Letters of Marque & Reprisal Over the past ten days, the response to the Paris massacre has been swift and deadly. AA, Daesh’s team leader, was killed in a shootout with police. The day after the attacks in Paris, French President Hollande authorized a series of airstrikes against Daesh positions in Syria. Russian President Putin [...]

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Tragedy in Paris: Lessons & Courses of Action

Primer on National Power             Bataclan Theater, Stade France, Le Petit Cambodge, Avenue de la République, Charonne, and Beaumarchais – these are the six locations that Islamic terrorists, under the banner of ISIL (or “Daesh”)[1] brutally murdered more than 100 people and injured hundreds more. The after effects of this attack will continue to reverberate [...]

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Insurance Companies Are Wasting Your Money

Ever wonder how an insurance company wastes your money? Here’s a perfect example of a complete waste of resources and money. Travelers Insurance Company responded to a demand letter I sent their client regarding a misleading auto sale. To convey their message, the one-page letter was emailed to me, after which I confirmed receipt1. It [...]

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