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The Entrepreneur’s Money Team: The 5 people you want on your side when building your advisory team

“You’re only as good as the people around you.” I constantly heard this phrase from my parents and teachers. Now as an entrepreneur, I can confidently say that the phrase’s meaning resonates more deeply. When looking at the people that surround me, I realize that this saying is the principle I apply when building my [...]

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Estate Planning After Marriage Equality: What All Couples Should Know

In the wake of the Supreme Court’s 2015 landmark ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges, same-sex couples nationwide are finally enjoying marriage equality. Whether you are legally married in the eyes of the law, or not, there are important additional legal planning steps you need to take to ensure your wishes are honored in the event [...]

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Windfall Profits: What Might Be Your Fair Share of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017

“In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death & taxes.” - Benjamin Franklin “The only difference between death & taxes is that death doesn’t get worse every time congress meets." - Will Rogers In 2018, Mr. Rogers might need to do a double-take after the passage of the Tax Cuts and [...]

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Culture: The Oft-Overlooked Factor for Succeeding in International Business

What if a magic formula existed to immediately and successfully connect you with international businesses? What if you knew a secret about how to get your business proposal favorably presented to the key decision-maker? Well, there is a method to do exactly these things, but you will have to invest your time learning your target’s [...]

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Mistake Avoidance 101: Failing to Fund your Trust

And now, a short story that is more truth than fiction, you became a hero to your family when you created an estate plan. You took home a binder full of signed documents, put it in a safe place and forgot about it. Weeks, maybe months later, you vaguely remember that your lawyer mentioned something [...]

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How Legal Planning Helps Build a Strong Blended Family

In our house, we always refer to ourselves as a modern family. We joke that the post office must get confused because we have three last names in the house. No, we have not taken in renters. We are a blended family. When I married my lovely wife, I was immediately blessed with step-fatherhood because [...]

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Why Startups Need Lawyers, Not Legal Templates

When growth and funding are top priorities, it is wise to not let legal soundness fall to the wayside. Not surprisingly, 1 in 10 startups fails due to overlooked legal issues. Without a lawyer looking out for your best interests, it’s easy to miss common legal mishaps that pose a threat to any startup. Mistake [...]

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Defining the Legal Relationship Between Grandparents and Their Grandchildren

Raising a grandchild (or even spending a lot of time with your grandchild while his or her parents work) can be fraught with legal and financial complications. Lacking many of the inherent rights parents have, grandparents who are responsible for the care of their grandchildren may encounter unexpected legal challenges. Even if you are your [...]

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Reducing Risk: 3 Business Agreements to Decrease Your Liability Risk

Those new to the business world often lack the first-hand experience of initiating and building healthy business relationships. But protecting these vital relationships with carefully crafted business agreements—such as those for co-owners, suppliers and clients—is essential to growing a new business without risk of being taken advantage of or of burning valuable bridges. To decrease [...]

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