The Entrepreneur’s Money Team: The 5 people you want on your side when building your advisory team

“You’re only as good as the people around you.” I constantly heard this phrase from my parents and teachers. Now as an entrepreneur, I can confidently say that the phrase’s meaning resonates more deeply. When looking at the people that surround me, I realize that this saying is the principle I apply when building my [...]

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Windfall Profits: What Might Be Your Fair Share of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017

“In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death & taxes.” - Benjamin Franklin “The only difference between death & taxes is that death doesn’t get worse every time congress meets." - Will Rogers In 2018, Mr. Rogers might need to do a double-take after the passage of the Tax Cuts and [...]

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Mistake Avoidance 101: Failing to Fund your Trust

And now, a short story that is more truth than fiction, you became a hero to your family when you created an estate plan. You took home a binder full of signed documents, put it in a safe place and forgot about it. Weeks, maybe months later, you vaguely remember that your lawyer mentioned something [...]

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Writing Off Start-Up Costs

In South Florida, startups are booming. The Kauffman Foundation ranked the Miami-Fort Lauderdale area #1 for startups out of 40 metro areas across the country. For some people, starting their new business is as simple as registering a domain name and building out a website. For other entrepreneurs, there are greater expenses incurred to establish [...]

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How (and Why) to Disinherit a Child or Grandchild

As much as it was fun to write about Generational Wisdom in 32 Questions, many families have different challenges that are not so heart-warming. For example, there may come a time when a child or grandchild’s behavior warrants their removal from your estate plan. Such a decision normally does not come lightly and the person [...]

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Leaving Without a Plan: Prince Didn’t Leave a Will – Here’s Why You Should

Even after death, celebrities are highly publicized for their mistakes, many of which we make ourselves. This time last year, superstar musician Prince died suddenly, leaving no will, and the management of his substantial estate fraught with legal complications and added costs. It’s easy to assume that the wealthiest among us have all their ducks [...]

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When Duty Calls: Navigating the Sandwich Generation with Ease

The average age of parents raising children in the US continues to rise, leaving many middle-aged Americans in a category commonly referred to as the sandwich generation. This growing population of professionals often raise kids at home when they become responsible for the care of their own aging parents. The stress and financial strain of [...]

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The Surprising Secret to Keeping Good Records in Your Small Business

Keeping good business records relieves stress and makes running your company easier and more enjoyable. But it may not look like what you think if you’ve run your business by saving receipts all year long and then trying to handle your bookkeeping all at once at tax time. First and foremost, don’t handle your bookkeeping [...]

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