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Business Conflict: Tips for Settling Business Disputes, Part 2

In part 1, we discussed the importance of knowing how to negotiate business deals and mitigate conflict whenever possible. Besides being a financial drain, business disputes can also create conflicts that require precious time and energy to resolve. Setting clear boundaries and realistic expectations when making professional agreements is essential in setting yourself up for [...]

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Business Conflict: Tips for Settling Business Disputes, Part I

A large part of being a successful company owner is knowing how to make deals and mitigate business conflict when it arises. When in a dispute over a deal or an agreement that has been made, the potential costs are endless. The potential cost of litigation, the potential cost of loss of reputation, the potential [...]

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Dispute Resolution

Dispute resolution is a term used to describe how problems are fixed or corrected. In order to best advise clients, we take the time to understand the nature of the problem the client is facing. We learn more by listening to the client than by giving recommendations. The conversation next turns to what the client [...]

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Tom Brady, #Deflategate, and Lessons in Evidence

Recently, the sports world was abuzz with the findings of the Wells Report that Tom Brady was more likely than not to have had knowledge of the fact that official game balls were deflated to a point under the NFL’s minimum pressure. Brady emphatically denied knowing or participating in any type of cheating. Based on [...]

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The Dixie Win

Justice can sometimes move at a pace of major city rush hour traffic. However, courts do arrive at the correct decision when they are given a chance to apply the law. This past week, Florida’s Fourth District Court of Appeal released its decision in the case of Griffin Industries, Inc. v. Dixie Southland Corp. I [...]

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Maneuver Litigation: A Marines’ Approach to Dispute Resolution

From the courtroom to the boardroom, our goal at Yolofsky Law is to help clients achieve their goals quickly and efficiently. Trust, technology, and communication are the key fundamentals that enable our firm to successfully [1] maneuver clients through legal disputes. Starting with the end in mind. Before a strategy for dispute resolution can be [...]

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