The Entrepreneur’s Money Team: The 5 people you want on your side when building your advisory team

“You’re only as good as the people around you.” I constantly heard this phrase from my parents and teachers. Now as an entrepreneur, I can confidently say that the phrase’s meaning resonates more deeply. When looking at the people that surround me, I realize that this saying is the principle I apply when building my [...]

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Windfall Profits: What Might Be Your Fair Share of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017

“In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death & taxes.” - Benjamin Franklin “The only difference between death & taxes is that death doesn’t get worse every time congress meets." - Will Rogers In 2018, Mr. Rogers might need to do a double-take after the passage of the Tax Cuts and [...]

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Culture: The Oft-Overlooked Factor for Succeeding in International Business

What if a magic formula existed to immediately and successfully connect you with international businesses? What if you knew a secret about how to get your business proposal favorably presented to the key decision-maker? Well, there is a method to do exactly these things, but you will have to invest your time learning your target’s [...]

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Building Your Business Legacy with a Great Succession Plan

Be a Hero to Your Business A Tale of Two Businesses: Milton Ferrell was a successful Miami attorney. Under his leadership, his firm grew from a single Miami office in 2000 to a 17 office worldwide boutique firm by 2003. This full-service practice included some of the most prominent names in the South Florida legal [...]

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Ten Common Money Pits Even Brilliant Entrepreneurs Fall Into

If you’re relying on your top line to grow your wealth, you could be missing out on easy opportunities to save money and improve profits, independent of your revenue. Florida continues its economic growth through 2017. More and more entrepreneurs are setting up shop in the Sunshine State. Many of these new business owners are [...]

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Brand or Bust Why Branding Is Essential to the Longevity of Your Business

A strong, identifiable brand is an invaluable asset to any company. Many businesses can reap major rewards by building a brand image that accurately reflects the strength of the company. And in today’s business world, branding is necessary for businesses looking for longevity and growth. So, what do small businesses need to know about branding [...]

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Writing Off Start-Up Costs

In South Florida, startups are booming. The Kauffman Foundation ranked the Miami-Fort Lauderdale area #1 for startups out of 40 metro areas across the country. For some people, starting their new business is as simple as registering a domain name and building out a website. For other entrepreneurs, there are greater expenses incurred to establish [...]

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Mentorship Matters: How to Learn From Leadership

Early in my Marine Corps career, one of our instructors told us “watch the leaders above and below and pick out the tools you believe would work for you. Discard those that are ineffective or not part of your style. In this way, we work to put leadership errors into the past.” Watching others perform [...]

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Steps You Can Take Now to Create a Succession Plan

Many small businesses are family owned. While family owned businesses enjoy the benefit of familial solidarity, their strength is often threatened when it's time for leadership or ownership to be passed down. Succession plans help ensure the transition from owner to owner is an easy one, but many small and family-owned businesses do not have [...]

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How to Achieve Sustainable Business Growth

You’ve put in the time to get your business off the ground and now you’re up and running. You have a product or service that’s selling well, team support to keep everyone happy and a proven income model. Congratulations! You’ve overcome the biggest obstacle to business sustainability. Surviving the startup phase is often the toughest [...]

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