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  • Griffin v Dixie Business Dispute Resolution Case Result Florida’s Fourth District Court of Appeal released its decision in the case of Griffin Industries v. Dixie Southland. Read about our representation of Dixie.
  • The Framework of a Deal What constitutes an enforceable contract? Visit Yolofsky Law to learn more about the elements of a valid contract, and learn tips for negotiating your win.
  • Tips for Developing Business Emergency Plans Business emergency plans require an honest assessment of capabilities, strengths, weaknesses, and more. Learn how our law firm can help.
  • Maneuver Litigation: A Marines’ Approach to Dispute Resolution At Yolofsky Law, our firm practices Maneuver Litigation, a tactical approach to dispute resolution based on U.S. Marine Corps. strategy fundamentals.
  • 4 Ways to Draft All Your Contracts To draft a contract, remember the 5Ws and H: Who, what, where, when, how, and why. Visit this article for additional tips and best practices.
  • Writing Off Start-Up Costs In South Florida, startups are booming. The Kauffman Foundation ranked the Miami-Fort Lauderdale area #1 for startups out of 40 metro areas across the country. For some people, starting their new business is as simple as registering a domain name and building out a website. For other entrepreneurs, there are greater expenses incurred to establish …
  • Mentorship Matters: How to Learn From Leadership Early in my Marine Corps career, one of our instructors told us “watch the leaders above and below and pick out the tools you believe would work for you. Discard those that are ineffective or not part of your style. In this way, we work to put leadership errors into the past.” Watching others perform …