Consult With Us to Protect Your Personal Wealth and Grow Your Business in South Florida

Are you concerned about the future of your business? Are you worried that your children will not be taken care of if something happens to you? You know you want to build a stronger business but you don’t necessarily know how to. You want the best for your family, pets, and your business and we are here to help. At your initial consultation, we will listen to your story and outline a plan of attack if necessary. Worrying will get you nowhere; working with us to find and implement solutions could change your life. At Yolofsky Law, we want you to be a hero to your family and your business.

Who We Are

We are strategic advisors who work to help you identify and achieve greater goals. Anyone can draft documents, but together you and the firm will create stronger foundations, detailed contingency plans, and answer the what-ifs that life may throw your way. We are your partners in business and estate planning who will work with you to assess your needs, develop a strategy, and revise the plan as needed to meet your goals. We focus on two practice areas: estate planning and corporate law. We bring years of experience with a variety of clients to each practice area and believe our service and commitment cannot be beat. Our unique approach includes the following:

  • Estate Planning. We spend time with each client, learning about their families, their goals for the future, and educating them about their options. We guide our estate planning clients throughout their lives, collaborating to revise plans as needed. You can get a piece of paper or you can have peace of mind.
  • Corporate Law. We offer total corporate services to businesses of every size in South Florida. With diverse knowledge of all aspects of running a business, including international concerns, we see ourselves as a trusted advisor rather than just as legal counsel.
  • Business SuccessionWe assist clients in industries such as healthcare, entertainment, transportation, and telecommunications. We’re well-equipped to handle a variety of business succession issues—from choosing a successor and valuing your business to setting up an employee stock ownership plan, preparing for a management buyout, or even selling your business to someone entirely different.
  • Negotiation. We offer business negotiation services to help you resolve issues and disputes quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

See the Difference for Yourself

When you meet with the Yolofsky Law team, you will immediately see that we are not like other South Florida law firms. A.J. Yolofsky applies the discipline and attention to detail he learned as a Marine Corps officer to your unique situation. He focuses on each client as if they are a military mission, bringing strategic planning and a commitment to success that are unmatched by other attorneys. His goal is to empower you to make the right decisions for your family and your business. Find out for yourself—schedule your initial consultation today.